Friday, March 31, 2006

A Day of Excursions

The kids paid Sol a visit at work this morning. They brought back "materials, atoms, and treasures," said Moody. When I picked them up, Moody's first comment (when Sol was not there to hear) was "Dad's office is messy!" Tala was quiet all the way to the mall.

The mall trip was supposed to be two stops for specific things and then home so I can do some studies before we head out again to meet Corey and Ann. Well, it didn't exactly turn that way. At the cosmetics counter, Tala, spent some time trying on makeup with Moody lending a hand and offering advice. She put loads of powder on her face that made her look dusty and ashy! Walking by CPK, Tala said, "I'm hungry for pizza." Moody seconded, "I'm starving for pizza." So I promised them we'll have lunch there if they were good shoppers. We troted from one store to the next, trying things and forgetting about time. I bought myself a nice everyday handbag, and I realized that I haven't had one for a long time since it was diaper bags and backpacks for years.

More trotting and some more buying, and then Moody realized that he left his coat at Macy's. So we walked back across the mall to get his coat when I realized I forgot a shopping bag at the handbag store at the other end of the mall... more trotting back with couple more stops. We finally made it to CPK and had a nice lunch as the picture proves. When we got to the car, Tala announced that she left her lunch tote somewhere in the mall. It was too late to walk back in, but I promised her to go back for it another time.

Next excursion was to meet Corey and Ann at the Recreation Outlet. Corey visits "Granny" from Indiana and we try to get him and Moody together when he does. The recreations Outlet is an interesting nice place. It is a showroom for playground equipment that later turned into a playplace and birthday-parties place for children. Smart idea. They charge $3 per kids and have rest rooms, water fountains, and benches for adults. A good place to go to in rainy or cold days. Apparently not many know about it; it wasn't crowded. Hush! Don't tell!

Last excursion of the day is taking Grandma Jazz et al out for dinner... Off we go!

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