Hannu's Bucket List

  1. Visit Libya with my 4 kids and Sol
  2. Have a homecoming party in Libya featuring Lebtair
  3. Dance lessons with Sol (ballroom, salsa, jazz)
  4. My siblings and their families visit me in the US, every summer
  5. Mama and Baba come back to the US for leisure
  6. Attend live Saturday Night Live
  7. Visit Beechnut
  8. Live well and die peacefully
  9. My funeral a celebration of my life, not mourning
  10. Record my own Libyan song label
  11. Asma and the kids come to the US
  12. Finish the family tree
  13. Moody and Tala read and speak Arabic
  14. Go to Omra (عمرة)
  15. Tour the US