Saturday, February 12, 2011

I am an Arab... A Proud Arab!

For the first time, I am very proud to be an Arab and to associate myself with the Egyptians. The brave Egyptians took the whole world by surprise. Not because of the up-rise or their resilience in face of the tyranny alone, but because of the civility and peace seeking they have demonstrated to the world.

The talk here on the news, talk shows, and analysis, is about that civility and awareness demonstrated by the Egyptians. Everyone is asking "How do we deal with Arabs that way?" Everyone is saying that those are not terrorists, blood-seeking, bomb-blaster, anti-west, etc. that we are used to perceive them as. Those are freedom-seekers, peaceful, democracy-seekers and they are just like us, think like us and act like us. More questions were about how does the US deal with their foreign policy that supported those dictators and helped them stay in power, when now there's a different kind of Arab that emerged, the young, ambitious, educated, calling on the world to support the democracy they have been preaching about.

I was glued to the TV yesterday for hours while receiving the blood transfusion, and those were the questions echoed on all programs and channels.

It's the Arab renaissance - the real elites are resurfacing... May the ripple continues! The youth are our future.