Saturday, February 19, 2011

I am A Proud Libyan!


  1. Can you answer a few interview questions?

    I am a Canadian inspired by the courage of the
    Arab people to fight for their future. I found
    your blog, and feel that I want to hear from you.

    I am building a website for people to speak
    against the dictators, and debate the future of
    their country. In other words, for the people's
    voices to be heard.

    I'd be glad to tell you more about what we are
    building, if you are interested to find out. But
    to help us get started, it'd be great if you could
    answer a few questions for us!

    Hope to hear from you!!


    Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

    What are the people fighting for?

    What are some moments that made you proud?

    What are your hopes for the future?

    How are you using technology, such as the Internet?

    What do you want to say to the world?

    How can we help?

  2. Please provide a phone number to reach you at.

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