Friday, October 29, 2010

Beggars Night... Beggars Week!

I stayed home another week after Ayman's left, but then could not take it anymore and returned to work. People are puzzled why I go to work when I could rightfully take paid medical leave and stay home. They don't understand it or me. I need to be around people, I need to feel I'm useful accomplishing something and contributing something... That's all part of dealing with cancer, not let it alter your life tremendously though it's very inevitable!

Yesterday, I had chemo, so the day was shut. We made it home around 6 pm just as Trick-or-Treat was starting. And the kids were ready, anxious, frustrated, and driving dear Nicole crazy. Moody was a werewolf and Tala a vampire. Moody went one direction to catch up with his friends and Sol had to go with him. Tala wanted to go the other direction so I had to go with her. I set the candy by the front door for beggars to help themselves and took off. It was cold...! And with gloves and all, my fingers were still cold and tingly. Cold sensitivity in the peripheries is one of the side effect to the chemo drug I'm taking. I'm wearing gloves at home with the heater on... Not complaining, just saying.

This is the second Halloween since my parents were here and observed it with us. Halloween time is so dear to my heart now because it reminds me of the time Mama and Baba were here.

Two weekends ago, the kids had a garage sale organized by Nicole. They made more than $70. Ahmed pledged all his proceeds to the James Cancer Hospital. He's also participating in a school project called Project 100, in which students are encouraged to get sponsored by local businesses to collect at least $100. For example, if a restaurant sells a certain dish, the student is proposing they donate 0.25c to Project 100. All proceeds will go to the James Cancer Hospital. How nice and enriching for the kids' development! That's building a civil society 101!

Parents' observation at Generations was last week, I think. Walking out of the studio, we ran into one of Moody's teachers from school. Moody immediately told him "No one in school should know about this!" lol Although he's in all-boys classes, Boys Hip-Hop and Boys Tap, it is still a taboo to dance... Boys!

Things are getting to be a routine in a way, but other things are popping up to cause some chaos and throw us off the routine. I've been cooking diligently for the last 2 weekends and we've been eating a decent variety of meals all week. Check Chez Hannu for my recipes.

The kids are doing well in school. Moody is liking to use "Ahmed" on all his assignments and where he needs to write his name, and likes to be called that, which is nice. Actually, I call him Hamood, Mood, Ahmed more than Moody.

Tonight, Tala is performing with Generation in Midnight Madness in Uptown Westerville. Tomorrow, Ahmed has tryouts for the basketball Bantam League; Tala has the girls' group with Jan; Later, she has Big Sister, Li'l Sister at Generation; Moody has to sell more popcorn for the boy scouts; I have to return a pair of boots and make a hair appointment. And this weekend, I have to pay the bills... hate'm!

Now I have to go sort through piles of paper from school, dance, and the community! Where the heck did all the candy go? I just need a piece, but there's none to be found from what the little beggars brought!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ayman's Clan Gonzo!

Ayman and family left almost a month ago now. It took us all a while to adjust to not having them here, especially li'l calbooz 3amo 3asem! Just love him. Of course sweet Safoo too, who did her best to learn English and communicate--she did a good job of that. It is sad that they left and we don't know when we'll meet again. But hey, this was the first time the families met... so it's a huge accomplishment.

I met Ayman's first in September of 2009 during a business trip to Europe. The kids now run to the phone when they see Ayman's number in the caller ID. Before they met them, they wouldn't and sometimes they would refuse to talk to them. I didn't blame them; they didn't know them or relate to them in any way. But now, they talk about them fondly; they keep bringing up things that was said or done with them, they talk joyously about them--That alone makes me ecstatic!

We miss you guys, come back soon... Puhulease!