Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ayman's Clan Gonzo!

Ayman and family left almost a month ago now. It took us all a while to adjust to not having them here, especially li'l calbooz 3amo 3asem! Just love him. Of course sweet Safoo too, who did her best to learn English and communicate--she did a good job of that. It is sad that they left and we don't know when we'll meet again. But hey, this was the first time the families met... so it's a huge accomplishment.

I met Ayman's first in September of 2009 during a business trip to Europe. The kids now run to the phone when they see Ayman's number in the caller ID. Before they met them, they wouldn't and sometimes they would refuse to talk to them. I didn't blame them; they didn't know them or relate to them in any way. But now, they talk about them fondly; they keep bringing up things that was said or done with them, they talk joyously about them--That alone makes me ecstatic!

We miss you guys, come back soon... Puhulease!

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