Sunday, April 06, 2008

Spring Delights!

Tala - Self Portrait
Last Monday, Moody and I woke up sick. I decided not to go to work, and crashed on the sofa in the family room. I had a very bad case of the flu, that I just wanted to sleep. Tala brought a blanket and covered me up, and Moody got a book and snuggled with it on the other end of the sofa. Sol, was in the office doing his morning ritual of surfing the Libyan web sites (what I refer to as an insult to his intelligence and waste of his time). It was unusually quiet for 7am in our household. Tala sat on the armchair in the family room with a book. After a while, she said (loud enough so we all could hear her), "One member of my family is sleeping, another member of my family is reading, and the third member of my family is in the office on the computer. This is the WEIRDEST morning ever!"

Tala has been expressing herself in little notes she secretly sends to me and Sol. I would find little pieces of hand-written notes in my coat pocket, in the car, on my desk. The notes always have hearts and sweet loving messages and sealed with butterfly, heart, or princess stickers. The other day, I was putting my coat on at work to head to another building, and when I got my gloves out of the pocket a small note came out that says, "I love you Mama!" I smiled, ear-to-ear, shared it with my colleague and posted it on the wall behind my desk. I dug back into my pockets and found 2 other similar notes. So sweet! A couple of weeks ago, I had a case of terrible headache and decided to go to the ER after coming home from work. Sol and the kids dropped me off and picked me up at 1 am. Tala had written this note for me. This is excellent writing for a kindergartener.

Moody - Self Portrait
Yesterday felt like spring at last. I took Tala to her first soccer game this season at 9am. Then, we had to rush to her swim lesson at 10:40 am. We were supposed to meet Sol and Moody there and guess what, Tala and I got there at 10:40 and they were not there. I still don't know what made them late for Moody's lesson when they were home doing nothing. I left the kids with Sol and headed to the UPS store to send Ennis and Juju's package. Back at home, we had lunch, and Sol decided to fix the pipe going into the water heater that I have been talking nagging about for more than a year--of course, he denies that. My point had been that we better fix it before it breaks and we end up with a big mess and no hot water. Guess what, he started it and... we ended up with a big mess and no hot water till now.

While Sol was shopping for the tools and gadgets he needed for the water pipe and then working on it, the kids and I played outside, took a walk... and Moody rode his bike taking off by himself with no help--for the first time! That was the highlight of the weekend for me.

The Generations pictures are here. Dress rehearsal is on May 2nd and the recital on May 17th. We are excited; it's a very heartwarming, wonderful event to go to and sit for about 2 hrs watching kids of all ages perform what they have been practicing throughout the year. There are 3 recital shows on Saturday and we are on the three of them. Tala is in Ballet, and Tap; Moody in Boys Hip Hop; and both are together in Tumbling and Hip Hop. It would be fun to see them perform together.

The handsome Hip-Hopper...

The sweet Ballerina...