Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy birthday, lil lady!

Little Tala is six years old today. Time flies... too fast to enjoy the full pleasure of watching children grow. I think we are especially guilty in Tala's case. She always seems to have the less/un/poorly planned occasion. This time we are more actively acknowledging her special occasion, all through the day. She also deserves to have her day blogged on time.

Tala is much more aware of her growth this time around, maybe because a number of different things have coincided. She starts first grade tomorrow! She lost her first tooth about a month ago (July 23). Shamsa came and we sang the Libyan tooth song. The other day, I asked Tala what she thought was in the sun. She said, "Teeth and vitamins." lol lol. She also got her ears re-pierced this summer. She connects all of these things with growing up, and she's so happy about it. She's quick to point it out... "I'm your unfiller assistant because I'm a big girl now," she said when helping me empty out some grocery bags. She's brilliant with words. So, happy birthday to my filler with love!