Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving, White Eid!

This year I decided to make duck instead of turkey. It was a last-minute decision. The kids objected, but I ignored them :) Actually, the duck came out very nice, tender, and juicy. The kids were so excited about Thanksgiving and Eid, coinciding together.

Tala wanted to help cook. She made "ants-on-a-log". It was her own idea and made it all by herself. Moody volunteered to make dessert. They both made a list of the ingredients they needed and handed it to Sol. They go what they wanted!

I was planning on making pecan tart as usual. Unfortunately, I could not. I had an upper endoscopy on Wednesday to dilate the area where the esophagus was joined to the intestines, and had a rough time afterward with nausea, gas, and pain. Nausea is still persisting! Anyhow, I skipped the tart and the yams. It was a great dinner nonetheless!

It started snowing today-first snow of the year on Eid day! Moody and Sol are going to the mosque for prayer, while Tala and I are heading to Sweet'n'Sassy!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween Aftermath!

Ugh, I'm so totally stuffed with candy! Trick-or-treating was last night. The kids had 2-bagfuls of candy, and we can't resist, except for Sol. My favorite is Starburst--I'm chewing right now. Tala decided she wanted to be a ballerina, and a beautiful, graceful one she was! Moody dressed as the Scream character with blood oozing off the mask... ooooh scary!

Moody had a bad day with Nicole last week, so we decided to ground him from trick-or-treating. At night, he brought us this letter. We could not say no--how could we!

I'm off to Cleveland tomorrow and will be back Wednesday night. The kids had been asking for spaghetti with meatballs, so I cooked that today and some desheesha. They are covered till I'm back.

Here's some Halloween artwork from Tala. One skeleton is on the treadmill; the other two are not decided what they want to do: One wants to play basketball and the other wants to play with dolls.

Booey Halloween!