Friday, March 24, 2006

Big Ohio News!

OK, our local news media in Columbus... hmm, how can I be diplomatic? Let's say, they work very hard to define mediocrity. Almost daily, Hana and I would make bets on the number of crime items that would lead the evening news. What do we have, two shootings and an armed robbery, any straight up murders? Sometimes when things are fairly peaceful in town, you can really see their desperation! They'll go for anything, cheap imports from other cities, weird animal births, you name it! Well, tonight, I think I already know what will lead the evining parade of News without Clues... It's from Athens, our Athens here in Ohio, not that other place!

Burglary suspect flags down wrong car
Friday, March 24, 2006
Randy Ludlow


Two men driving the back roads of Athens County spied a muddied figure frantically motioning for them to stop. The man walked up to their pickup and asked for a ride, saying his car had broken down. They were more than glad to give the hitchhiker a lift — straight to jail. They were deputy sheriffs, and the man was the burglary suspect they were looking for.

and there's even more...

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