Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hanu is 40!

Happy Birthday!

You look bossy, Mom-- Moody.

Make room for the birthday girl, y'all, it's the big Four-Oh for Han-nu today!

Welcome to the age of maturity, Hanu, we love you and look forward to keeping you forever.

Our friend Nadia made a wonderful 'Aseeda for Hana's breakfast today, with honey, date syrup and all the fixin's. It was really delicious, and I am not usually a big Aseeda fan. Interestingly, Aseeda is made on various special occasions, including the celebration when a newborn reaches 40 days old. Well, thanks, Nadia, for making Aseeda on my baby's 40th.

عصيدة الأربعين

Suisse Almond


  1. Happy birthday Hanu! Wishing you much health and happiness for this year and always. By the way, we just received our copy of the book on Lybia by Paula Hardy and my husband is very pleased with it. Thanks!

  2. Thanks, Maria!

    You got the book faster than I did. The demand is probably more now that more people know it's available. Check out my Dad in the book :-)

  3. Happy Birthday Hanu!

    Wish you happiness and success for the new year.

  4. Happy Belated Hanu, by the way the photos is so pretty :) I think it is one of your best !

  5. Thanks, Youcef and HL.

    HL, it's not the photo, it's me that's pretty! lol

  6. Shado,

    If you call me an old lady, you're only going to upset your mother, who's even older than I am. So, watch out!

    Thanks, sweetie and keep coming...

    Kisses and hugs!

  7. Thanks Nikki and Azzam :-)