Monday, March 27, 2006

Hanu in the news!

The MidEastConnect e-zine says it is "dedicated to young, driven, forward thinking and like-minded Middle Eastern professionals." They publish weekly features on individuals and organizations. This week, there's a feature on the Tibra Foundation; and the managing director, Hanu, is front-n-center! We can confirm the "long hours" part mentioned there, but we are also very supportive of the Tibra project and proud of Hanu, our own special Tibra. Way to go and keep up the hard work!


  1. Congrats Hanu. Recognition well deserved. Finally I made it to the cyber world, visit my corners.

  2. Where have you been, girl? Glad to have you around finally, but stick this time!

    Hey, left you a message last week... didn't catch you on the many times I tried.

    Have anice trip and keep us posted... (Comments are not enabled on your blog)

  3. MABROUUUK ya Hanu , I'm proud of you !

  4. Congratulations Hanu! Good job! We are in New York but my husband wasn't really aware of Tibra. He is very impressed with the work you are doing! Keepit up!

  5. Well done Hanu! Keep up the good work !Finally there's someone thinking of our women who are deprived of furthering their studies.Elf Mabrouk ! !

  6. Thank you all! Please spread the word around about Tibra as many don't know of it yet.