Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Is it spring, or is it not?

It was very sunny and bright over the weekend--so deceiving, yet tempting! On Sunday, the kids rode their bikes to Hoff Woods. The sun was nice, but the temperature was only in the forties. There were many people out, on the roads, at the park, and all garages were open—a sign that spring is here. It's amazing how the neighborhood seems deserted in winter as if nobody lives there; come spring, people come out of their hibernation!

Today—the official first day of spring—the high is 30° F and it's snowing!

This morning, Moody and I went to get some flowers for Grandma Jazz. He helped pick the flowers for the bouquet, and picked a rose for me. "You're a mother too, Mom," he said, and I thought, heck why not celebrate two mother's day a year.

Next, we picked Tala up from school. Morgan's mom said Morgan told her that "Tala should come and play with me. She doesn't have a sister." When her mother told her that she didn't have a sister either, she was surprised by the fact and felt bad for herself!

At home, we put my Libyan-Mother-Day-rose in a Libyan vase (it's actually Tunisian, I believe), and placed it near the children as per Moody's suggestion.

I'm in spring break and the kids are in school--sucks big time!

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