Friday, March 17, 2006

"I Can Read!"

Tuesday, March 7, Moody read a book all by himself for the first time—cover to cover!

Barbi started him on sight words and then moved on to the Scholastic Phonics Fun Reading Program. His first read was "I See My Dad."

I wasn't home on Tuesday and came after the kids went to bed. Wednesday morning, he was all over me wanting to read me the book. He read it for me many, many times that day! He took it to school and Ms. Mason made him read it to the whole class. He's so proud of this achievement, he'd been telling everyone he meets "I can read!" That's what he told my Dad on the phone yesterday after telling him "Hana told me you are her dad."

Since that first reading victory, Moody reads more of those books in the series by himself and has taken interest in reading everything that comes into sight: street signs, store signs, traffic signs, restaurant menus... And now he's more interested in learning to write. If you come to our house, you'll find papers everywhere with "I my Harry Potter," for "I am Harry Potter." He's been on my case while I'm trying to write this post; he wants me to spell "Goblet of Fire" to him while he writes it down.

Oh, what joy! Barbi, you're awesome—thank you, thank you, thank you!

On Wednesday, last week, I spent about an hour with Moody on adding the numbers from 1 to 5. He didn't need more than that hour! He amazed us how quickly he picked it up.

Lately, both Moody and Tala have been artistic. This painting on the right is of our family by Tala. Moody gave me the one above and said, "Keep it in your room to remind you of me when I have my own house."

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  1. As you can see from his spelling, Moody belongs to the IRC generation. Actually, in his case, it is more like the Messenger generation, which makes him a Sahabi?

    Last week, we had a meeting with the school, and his teacher brought up the book reading demo. She said the other kids were like, "Wow, man, he can read!" Apparently, when she reads them a book, she tries to engage the students with questions and requests for comments. She said, Moody was doing that, calling out kids names, "OK, Ty, tell me something about this picture... what do you think?" He can ham it up! Next he will have his own radio talk show... roll over and die, Limbaugh!