Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Happy Birthday, Nahla!

Benghazi, March 15, 1983.

Happy Birthday!

My sister, the youngest in the family. Here she is in this picture taken a year ago or so with Mom. She's engaged and to be married this summer! Unfortunately, I don't really know the Nahla in this picture. The Nahla I know is the one in these pictures here.

We had a special bond in those days. She visited and spent times with me, when I was studying in Geneva, on her way to and from Pré Fleuri in Villars. Together, we used to go shopping for her at 012 in Malta. It was fun, and she was the best shopping companion, given her age. I remember her ballet classes at that place in Sleima on top of the movie theater at the corner of that one-way downhill street.

I was told that after I got married in 1991 and moved to Beirut, she spent times in my room crying. Mom keeps saying that I left another Hana there--Nahla looks, walks, talks, and behaves like me. Others in the family agree... Good for her!


  1. Hello there Hanu

    Yes,I agree! Good for her!!.

    This's my first post in your dynamic blog, I loved it, I'm so proud of it. You have a very nice family, God bliss you all..

    I'll keep coming, Always..

  2. Thank you, Youcef! It's a pleasure to have you visit our blog.