Sunday, April 09, 2006

Growing Pains

This was a week of bodily transformations, some quite painful, unfortunately! The top event is Moody's getting his first set of glasses on Wednesday. This is not really painful to him, but to us the parents, the experience is a little unfamiliar. Both of us have very good vision, although my near sight has finally started to degrade, or is it my arms getting too short? Anyway, as of a few months ago, I started using reading glasses. Since both of us lack the experience of childhood glasses, the event was a little hard for us; I suppose, we thought of glasses as a limitation of sorts. But, it's actually not bad, and I think we're starting to see the benefits already. Moody did great in soccer yesterday. He saw a lot of action as goalie, letting in one goal but stopping two others. On the field, he mainly ran around tackling and trash-talking the other team players, which made them less of a threat. Yesterday, he also hit some baseballs in the yard and seemed really excited about it. He wants us to go to the park today and play more ball. Also, he has been quite accepting of the glasses, no complaints at all. Of course we have to thank the Harry Potter phenomenon for Moody's excitement. The first day, he would look at himself every time he passed by a mirror, and he would ask everyone he saw, "Do I look like Harry Potter?" Thanks, Harry.

On the dental front... We discovered on Tuesday that one of Moody's permanent teeth is coming up behind a baby tooth. Nothing is easy! I told him that had happened to me once, which is true, and he is taking it in stride.

The real pain, though, was Tala's share. The poor girl slipped on the driveway and scuffed up her chin and upper lip. The next morning she didn't want to go to school because her "lip is getting fat!" A similar thing happened to Moody last year at school. He was recalling to Tala how he got to go everywhere, "School nurse, children's hospital,..." Even in pain, there is competition.


  1. Happy Milud to you and your family .. I immediately thought of Harry Potter with those glasses :). poor Tala too , I guess it would heal fast inshallah.

  2. Thanks and happy Milad to you both. Misratis call the occasion Milad, and the same word is used as a person's name, completely parallel to Milud, which is used in the east and west. Hana is at school, so I thought I'd show the kids some pictures on the Web and pop open a can of Hummus beans or something. Definitely no 'Asida! lol lol

    Mr. Moody enjoys the Harry Potter feedback, and it is still helping. Tala the Slugger? lol I think the name fits, even though the bruises are fading away now.

    Stay well, Magda, and Highlander: now that you're done appropriating new Berber territories in Tunisia, you're going to hand it over to the Phoenicians? lol lol.

  3. Magda and HL, thank you and a belated happy Milood to you too. Hope you enjoyed a good aseeda!

    Magda, the links you provided--in Moody's words--"Totaly rock!" (with some hand motions)