Friday, April 28, 2006


"I have toe polish!" Tala is so exited to have polish on her toenails. She refuses to wear nothing but flipflops and sandals, even if it's cold for that, just so she could show off her "toe polish." First day she went to school with it, she was telling everyone to look at her toes. Later at home she told us that Mrs. Rochon had toe polish too, and Mrs. Parker needs to fix hers. Even days later, we don't seem to hear the end of it!

Apparently, Tala is going through some growth spurt or something in terms of identity and behavior. She'd be so whiny one minute, then apologizes so nicely the next. She sure has been testing her limits to the extreme. I hope to get the time during next break to have some girlie time with her soon and do lots of the girlie stuff.

Moody is growing, and growing, and growing! We turned in his registration this week for kindergarten--he's so elated. It works for us very well and we stress to him that Kindergarteners are mature and remind him he's a kindergartener now not a preschooler anymore.

Among the evaluation testing Moody had gone through was the Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children (KABC-II), an equivalent of an IQ test. According to this test, his learning percentile rank is 97, and his F-C intelligence is 93! We were told that in reality his ranking is even higher than that and it would have shown if he cooperated more in the test.

The pictures above were taken last Friday at the school outing at Inniswood Gardens. There, we followed the maze to read the story of "The Lady who fell from the sky." It's a neat idea to lay the story on tiles on the ground and end it with the statue of the lady. Next time, I'll document the story in pictures.

Moody is developing an interest in fishing. So one Saturday--that seems a long time ago--we packed the fishing gear and rode the bikes to the park behind our home. Moody and Tala were interested only in reeling and throwing stones in the pond... still fun! Tala fell asleep in the trailer in the way back home--wouldn't you when somebody is paddlling away to drag you and you're just enjoying the ride!

To add to the joy of the outing, the garage got cleaned up that day! We got back, and it was obviously not easy getting the bikes back into the garage. So Sol rolled up his sleeves (umm he was wearing short sleeves!) and cleaned it up. Of course, I helped by dragging more things from way in the garage to th outer limits for him to deal with and went inside. I didn't know that side of the garage is so spacey and has floor!

There's more happening here with Moody and Tala. I feel bad that we haven't been able to document it all... Well, there's only so much time in the day.

Plans for this summer include developing Moody's writing skill, and taking the training wheels off his bike. Mexico is looming in the horizon--would it happen? I wish!


  1. What a lovely kids you have ,inshallah rabi ykhaliholkom .

    I came to tell you that the posters of the census you asked for they have them in their website now ,so did you email them and this is their response.

  2. Thank you, Hamed.

    I did receive a reply from them... surprise! They sent me some of the images by email and said they'll post more on their site. I intend to print the posters and have them mounted, but need to figure a way to do so. No place will print material that could be copyrighted, and the quality won't be that good if I do it at home.

  3. For those interested, here are the posters we're talking about. Azzam, check them out if you read this, you'll like them.

    عد صح لمستقبل صح

    عد الأجداد يسعد الأحفاد

    إندير معاه العناد

  4. Very impressive ,I never thought they would reply .
    good luck on printing them,if you were here it wouldnt be a problem because there is no such thing as copyright .