Monday, May 08, 2006

Moody's first tooth

    O'Sun O'little Sun
    O'Little Eye of the Bride
    I Give You the Tooth of a Donkey
    And You Give Me the Tooth of a Gazelle

We are way behind on updating the blog. A lot has been happening, but no time to write it all. Two WEEKS ago, Moody's first tooth fell out, and that was a biiiig experience for him. Of course he'd been waiting and excited about the whole thing. That morning, his tooth was too loose and he was bothered by it. I tried jiggling it a little but maybe just helped along... It just fell out a little later while he was going about his normal morning things, you know, standing on his head on the sofa or something similar. He just brought it to Hana, I believe.

We sang the Libyan tooth song/poem, with the lyrics translated above. I still vaguely remember when I first learned to face the sun and say those words very precisely, in Arabic of course, then throw the fallen tooth into the sun. So, Moody and I sat facing east and he repeated after me

يا شمس يا شموسة
يا عوينة العروسة
نعطيك سن حمار
وتعطيني سن غزال

Why the donkey and why the gazelle, I haven't a clue! We didn't throw away the fallen tooth, well, because of the whole toothfairy thing! So I kinda had to improvise, but it goes both ways, as you'll see.

We had read a book about losing teeth, supposedly written by the bald short guy on Seinfeld, for his son. The book is called, "Daddy, are you the toothfairy?" So it deals with both sides of the fantacy, which is good. Hana got Moody a little tooth-shaped, glow-in-the-dark box for his tooth. [You gotta love America!] Moody called it a dog bone! lol lol lol He put his fallen tooth inside it and put it on his window sill, that night, so She can see it. We wrapped a gift he'd asked for and sprinkled glitter around his room, including the window sill, did the silver dollar, the note, the whole nine and a half yards! Next morning, Moody was in heaven! He really appreciated the whole deal, and he wouldn't let anyone clean the fairy dust that day!

Moody's toothfairy is named Shamsa. She told him that she took his tooth to the Sun, to help keep it glowing. As I said, improvising works both ways!

A lot has been happening, and I guess a lot more is on the horizon. But since we're talking about the sun and son... One funny thing happened on tooth weekend when Ahmed decided I was 'uspended, just like that, from playing racquetball on sundays with my colleague Yunzhi. Moody and I always spend saturdays together, "pallzie walzie day," taking him to his ice skating class, soccer, swimming, etc. He said he'd call Yunzhi and tell him to find another partner for sundays. He added, "You're supposed to spend sunday with your son... that's why they call it sonday, get it?" lol lol lol I wanted so much to say to him that on some certain level he was right! In particular, given Sunday's importance as a day of worship for Christians, one might even say it is a day for them to devote to the Son. It is a little early, but I can't wait to discuss things with Moody on all levels!


  1. you reminded me of my first teeth :) that is such a nice song !
    And the tooth fairy is comparable to the 'shamoussa' .

  2. Hi, Higlander. I really wonder about the origin of the national dental anthem! It is too far-spread to be just a crazy random saying, so there must be a story, some sort of ancient Berber myth, maybe.