Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tala's Soccer & Tea Party Surprise

Summer is around the corner and a lot of activities are winding down, as new ones are set to begin. This is the last week of classes for all four of us, believe it or not! Yesterday was Tala's soccer final, and she got her medal and (gigantic, Tim Horton) water bottle (more like a barrel). It was fun, we took some pics and had icecream afterward.

Lefty takes the field!

Today was Tala's Tea Party at school, so I stayed home in the AM and went there with Moody. She was thrilled to see us! We, the parents, joined their circle time, sitting behind them as their teacher read them stories and played some act-along music. They had a blast, then some nice snacks and juice. The surprise was a little artwork from Tala to Mom and Dad, a combined Mother's-Day-Father's-Day gift. Here they are below, and make sure to read the little interview below each one! I loughed so hard at mine!

Tala expresses Love in some sort of Tifinagh script!

Coffee and Ba-Zing! Tala sure knows her Dad, lol lol lol
(Good guess by the teacher for Bazeen!)


  1. That red line below my goggly eyes must be lipstick! Thanks, Tala sweetie!

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