Sunday, May 14, 2006

A Very Happy Mother's Day!

Today is Mother's Day in the US. Happy day, Mothers! Moody and Tala made me a gift each, at school. Tala was so exited about it and kept telling me "I painted your flowerpot red!" days before the pot made it home. Moody is watching his gift and "can't wait to see the flower bloom!" Me too!

Flying Kites
Sol treated me to his famous egg and harisa sandwich for lunch. Later, we all went to the mall to pick me a gift. I picked the "large size" wallet that I desperately needed as evidenced by my current over-bulged one. The kids and Sol picked me a keychain. While at the store, Moody said to Sol, "Let's look for something nice for Mom; she likes nice things." We stopped by the Discovery store to change the butterfly kite which didn't fly well at all--bad design. There, Moody picked a motorcycle with a remote and said it was what he wanted from the toothfairy for the coming visit. We stopped at the newly-opened Disney store, and there Moody said he wanted a snow globe instead from the toothfairy. He'll eventually make up his mind.

We're having such a busy time, with so many things to do, and so many things coming our way. Last Sunday, I published the results of the 2006 Tibra Awards; Monday, I received the Operations and Logistics Faculty Scholarship Award from Fisher. A very pleasant coincidence! To top it off, the same week, I received an offer from GE to join their Information Management Leadership Program. It is out of town! I will be gone for twelve weeks, but will drive back every weekend. Hopefully it will be four-hour driving at the most depending on where my placement will be. It'll be rough on everyone, but how could we turn it down--GE is as good as it gets!

Dress Rehearsal
Last week, or was it the one before, was dress rehearsal at generations. This Friday is the recital... We're all excited and looking forward to it.

Shamsa is on her way again... Moody has another loose tooth and one growing out behind it.

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