Friday, April 14, 2006

A Touch of Spring!

Franklin Park Conservatory

Blooms & Butterflies

Moody and Tala had their spring break this week. Back to school on Monday. It's been easier with them on break; less things to do--no packing school snack, no backpacks and folders to check, papers to sort, and no hurry to get them up and going! Milood has come and gone and I missed it--Happy Milood anyway!

The jrabee3 had a good week with Barbi; went to COSI, the Zoo, parks, many ice cream treats (for being good!) and many other places.

Yesterday, they went to Franklin Park Conservatory for the Blooms & Butterflies. Pictures show that they had fun. Later they stopped by Barbi's house, picked up Keith and went for ice cream together. Finally, Moody got to meet Keith--Barbi's boyfriend. There'd been an element of jealousy there. Last week Moody told Barbi that he doesn't like Keith because he has a gun and might kill him! Keith is in the army and Barbi a national guard; she was deployed in Iraq for a year. We explained to Moody that soldiers protect their people and go and fight for them, not kill them. Took some more explaining that Keith's people are not just Barbi, but all Americans including Moody.

On Tuesday, I woke up with a headache, but went to school thinking it'll go away. Apparently it was part of that flu I had for days. The headache got worse and turned into an upset stomach. I dropped my assignment, gave notice to the teachers and headed home. I was sleeping in the basement when the kids got home. Moody snuggled with me and then said, “You need a teddy bear to make you feel better.” He ran up to his room and got me Big Teddy! Both Moody and Tala stayed away from the basement to let me rest. When I woke up, Tala said, “Is your headache gone, Mom?” And then she said, “Because we made the puzzle, your headache will go away!” And then started throwing me kisses and said, “Kisses make headaches go away!” MY sweet guardian angels!

With spring come more activities for the kids and the yard. Sol has been taken care of that this year. The yard looks nice and things are blooming already. I love working in the yard and tending to my flowers, but I have lots of studies to do.

Tala and Moody started soccer. All of their activities are on the days I’m at school. The upside is I’m relieved from getting them and their bags ready, driving them around, but I really do miss being with them. I miss spring!

Hyacinths in our yard

Our Pansies


  1. You really are a wonderful mother Hanu. :)

  2. Thanks, Highlander. Hope all is OK with you; you've been in my thoughts.