Friday, September 23, 2005

Quiet Moody

On the back: "directions during our bear
coloring page! -Ms Mason."
The note says it all!

At martial arts today, Moody was so good that he earned his belt back which he lost last time for not behaving and following directions. Master Circle (yep, that's his name) was happy with him, praised him and wrote Moody's name in Korean on his shirt (not sure if it's called a shirt).

Soccer later was a different story. I should videotape a whole game. When a player--we're talking 5-year-olds here--is running with the ball, coaches and referees have to remind them and redirect them where to head with it, so they won't score on their team! Moody keeps giving the other team players the grumpy face when they take the ball, making fists and blabbing away. He still insists on grabbing the ball by hands and picking it up when the opposing team is close to scoring. Luckily this happened toward the end of the fourth quarter.

Is this the same quiet boy in class, I wonder!

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