Tuesday, September 06, 2005

First day... in many ways!

Today is...

- 1st day for us Dregias blogging.

- 1st day of school for Moody and Tala.

- Tala's 1st day of formal preschool. She went to OSU day care center for few weeks in the spring; two days a week 9 to 5.

- Tala's 1st soccer day.

- Tala's 1st dance lesson ever. It is really 2nd, but last time she was just an observer... more to come.

- Moody's 1st day of his third year of preschool at Whittier Elementary. He loves it, we love it!

Pictures will come soon. Been running around all day and feeling tired. Need to go rest...

1 comment:

  1. Mashallah, It's great that you're getting Tala involved in both soccer and dance! Then again, I suppose I wouldn't expect otherwise from you.

    Good luck to new beginnings.