Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Because I have my clothes on!

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Tala had her first dance class last Thursday, September 1. All through class, she was standing "sad" with her hands on her cheeks and watching; would not follow the instructor or even try.

After class, we had this little talk:

H: Why didn't you dance, Tala?
T: I can't! (accompanied by her famous arms gesture)
H: Why not?
T: Because I have my clothes on! (same arms again)

Don't get her wrong about the clothes bit. She meant, she had regular clothes on and not dance clothes! How could we have expected her to dance with her clothes on... lol lol.

Anyhow, the story is we were told no dance clothes are needed for classes as they will be provided toward the end of the academic year close to recital day. Tala goes into class and all the other girls are dressed up like ballerinas (a beautiful sight... sigh). Apparently, she got upset that she was not dressed properly for class, and decided not to dance with her "clothes on!" You know, for girls, being proper is very important in every tiny thing they do. I bet it has to do with the double dose of the X gene.

Yesterday, she went all ready and dressed up in her "sprinkly" ballerina outfit (see picture). The shoes are still missing though, we are waiting for her ordered size to arrive, but she had some from the studio to dance with. I kept peeking to see how she was doing--she didn't miss a beat!


  1. hi
    bagzi here reporting live from N. Mpls. Getting ready to hit MTN. Kewl blog

  2. I always thought it strange when people say things like "Everyone can't be good," when they really mean to say "Not everyone can be good." But Tala has her own interesting logic for negation. When she goes somewhere and finds no other people, she says,"Somebody is not here," instead of "Nobody is here." So, "I have my clothes on," means "I don't have the dance clothes on."

  3. lol... interesting analysis of Tala's logic suliman.

    I actually was the opposite of Tala. The shoes were important, but I absolutely dreaded the clothes. Then again dance clothes were just a leotard with tights back in the day.

    Good luck with the dance classes.