Friday, September 23, 2005

Logo Machine!

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Here I am in the kitchen with four dishes cooking at the same time so we have some decent food to eat next week. I'm still trying to adjust being in school and tending to family needs at the same time. Providing the family with home-cooked meals eases my guilt a little. Oops I drifted away from what I was trying to write. Let me start over:

Here I am extremely busy cooking four dishes, and Tala would not stop her demands and whining for one thing or the other:

T: Mom, hu'-hu'-hu'-hu' I want haleeb.
H (stressed-out, but keeping calm): OK, in a minute.
T (2 seconds later): I don't want haleeb! I want yogurt drink.
H (dicing onions): OK, TALA! But you have to ask politely.
T: Mom, I want yogurt drink, pleeeease.
H: OK, wait pleeease.
T: But I want yogurt drink.
H: Tala, you have to wait, I'm not a machine.
T: You are not a yogurt machine? Are you just a big girl?
H: ROTL and giving Lalla a squeezy hug. (how can I not!)

Before this scene above, I was trying to resolve a picking-up conflict. Moody, a good picker-upper, was telling me that Tala made the mess in the basement and she should help. Of course, Ms. attitude refuses; her excuses vary from "I'm tired", "I need to go to the bathroom", "I need to rest in my room"... They tell me she is an excellent picker-upper at school... why? I keep asking!

That is Tala in the picture taken yesterday. She is wearing Moody's outfit from last year. I looked for one of Moody with the same outfit to post side-by-side... still looking! The resemblance is striking though. Moody and I went to pick her up from school yesterday. I kept looking at her class group in the parking lot and thought, "that's Moody over there, where is Tala?" Then it struck me that Moody is in the car with me and that is Tala.

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