Friday, September 30, 2005

Can't Kiss the Girl!

Tala on her 3rd birthday: Attitude pose!
"Kiss the Girl" from Disney's Little Mermaid is Tala's favorite--mine too, I bravely admit! The song was playing in the car when we arrived home. I got off, singing "I wanna kiss the gilr," and bent to kiss Tala while unbuckling her, and she said " You can't kiss the girl--You are not a boy!"

Here is Tala's other crack-me-up line:

When she first discovered that women wear bras, she would ask every girl and woman she meets, "Do you have a bra in there?" That was about six months ago, and she almost grew out of it, or accepted it as a fact. Today at Macy's, we were in and out of fitting rooms, walking through the different departments, lingerie, evening dresses, etc. She remembered, and the fascination came back. She literally asked every cashier, every woman that was in the vicinity, "Do you have a bra too?"

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