Friday, September 23, 2005

Go, George!

T-Rex, Fall '04, Spring '05, WASA team.
I was telling Suliman this and decided to blog it.

At soccer, it turned out that Moody's team, Gold, was to play against George's and Ray's team,Red.

George (flicker-noted on photo) was in T-Rex with Moody last year. He also goes to the WAC, and he and Moody spend a lot of time playing together there. His mom and I do the same classes.

Ray (photo coming) is Moody's buddy at the pool. We usually meet him with his mom and Addy at the pool and day care. His mom and I share the same classes.

Conor (photo note) is Moody's buddy. He is our ex-neighbor, his mom is a dear friend and we still get together.

We, moms, tried to explain to the boys that they are not all in the same team and Moody is playing against George and Ray today. The whistle blows and Moody starts yelling and cheering, while running after the ball himself, wearing Gold, playing for Gold, "Go, George! Get the ball George! Score!"

How cute! That's what I call loyalty ;-)

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