Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Kudos for Moody!

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Moody was the star of class yesterday; he came home with a star on his hand! Also, his teacher sent the penguin note with him... what a surprise--Moody a model!

He started Hip Hop yesterday and Ms. Angie said he was excellent in class! My, oh my!

This is pretty close to a miracle; hope it lasts...

Another bit of info that's great: Westerville District schools rank in the top 16% nationally and earned a gold medal!

It's my day off today... no running around with the kids, Dad will do that, yay! I picked the busiest day and he caught me, but hey, it's all about sharing... thanks honey! I will still be running around though. Going with Nadia and her mom for lunch and to do her baby gift registry. Nadia's mom arrived in the US Sunday; I'm happy for Nadia, but can't help envying her for having her mom here!

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