Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Bus Partners

Originally uploaded by dregias.
Moody with his "best buddy" and "bus partner", Luke, after they got off the bus coming from school yesterday. Moody is so excited that he and Luke are riding the bus together. Bus driver, better watch out for this duo!

In the background: Tala, Kayleigh, Nicole, and Brandon on the bike.


  1. Snap.. the spammers have found you! Run!

    I'm super glad you started another blog Hanu. I love all the photos of your family and life in general. I'm linking to it now.

  2. Hi, Smokey Spice, nice to see you around.

    Those two peaceful looking guys are actually the local demolition crew. Yeah, the day after the pics, they redecorated our basement. Next week, Luke's house! That's teamwork for you.

  3. Hey Suliman.. nice to see you as well. Badla mgawma bsaraha!

    I'm glad the kids have an idea of what they'd like to pursue in the future. You never know...

    good luck with 'em.