Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Shamsa is Coming Tonight!

Before 6:30 am today, Moody came knocking on our room and calling out full of excitement, "My tooth has fallen out! My tooth has fallen out!" Oh, how exciting! He came in and got in bed with us and started telling what he wants from Shamsa. It was the Lego white Bionicle, Toa Matoro, then the Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6, then some kind of a saber, then... He decided that he and I should go to the toy store so he would decide what to ask for. Of course, he's not going to settle for any of the toys he wants for Eid. Losing the tooth means one more gift--sneaky!

The baklawa is all done with. We have been enjoying the uneven pieces that come form the edges of the tray. When I offered the kids to try some the other day, they refused. It didn't look appealing enough to them! Yesterday, I was about to empty the last tray when Moody said, "Wow, that looks cool. What's this Mom?" He liked the pattern of baklawa in the tray. Then he asked to try some. I gave him a piece; he ate it in seconds and asked for more. He liked it a lot, he said. I have not made the magrood yet. I need to free almost a whole day to make it and haven't had the chance yet. Things keep popping up for me to take care of, so I'm putting it off till tomorrow, hopefully.


  1. Hi Guys,
    Happy Holidays.
    Hey, tell Moody I'm still waiting for the Shamsa & Fatasha story.

    I made it to the West Coast and guess what!! I'm very disappointe. Oh boy, it really sucks big time. Everything is huge and tacky. No taste, no style whatsoever.

    I really miss my tiny, cosy, beautiful flat, smart area, my favourite cafe, the elegant people on the streets of London, Planet Organic, the decent & yummy food in any decent resturant in London.

    I guess once you get used to London's (and Europe in general) panache, verve, grandeur, and splendour, nothing can make it for you. Did you have the same feeling when you firs moved to the States Hanu?

    Ahh, what have I done to myself?? I dont think I can live here, boohoo.

    London, I promise I will never moan, please take me back, hehehe.

    Have a great time guys

  2. Hi, Soad. Email me your number.

    Glad you made it here. Yes, I had similar feelings of disappointment when I came to the US. For years, I was comparing it to Europe and wishing for sipping real cappuccino in a sidewalk cafe while life is buzzing around me! Hint: don't even try those yukky drinks they call cappuccino, maciata, etc.; they are no where near the real thing.

    Life here is so different and it does take time to figure it out, get the hang of it, and find what's good in it. I think now I'm used to it and like it that I won't trade it for Europe again.

  3. Happy Holidays to the Dregia Empire. I still keep my old teeth in a small container, I am not sure why?!! maybe one day when I become very famous I would live by selling them in auction..
    By the way the Xmas tree (or is it the hoildays tree in America, or is the war on Xmas still on) looks great behind Moody.
    Yummy Baklawa, I like sweets sooo sooo much, when my mum used to make Magroth a Ka'ak and other sort of sweets I finish them in few days, she used to tell me leave some for the guests and family, and she hides them in secret unmarked containers but I used to find them all the time and eat them all except for the last one I leave the last piece alone in the box, so that when she complains that I finished them I tell her no I didn't there is still one and you finished it... Ahh sweet memories, please eat my share of the lovely Baklawa.
    Hay Soad you escaped the cold weather in London I sent you a text on Friday.. Take care and come back to London soon..

  4. Thanks, Ghazi and happy holidays to you too! There's always war on what makes life fun and enjoyable. here's a full view of our tree. I take pride in it, yes sure the kids help too :)

    My siblings and I always found the sweets Mom hides from us, but leaving the last piece never occurred to us, ha ha ha! I now hide stuff from the kids and mostly Sol, and always remember Mom doing that and appreciate the trouble she goes through finding a new hiding place every time lol

    Here's a promise, send me your address and you'll get magrood and baklawa. You won't regret it; they'll be at least as good as your Mom's, ehem ehem!

  5. So 'Shamsa' is the tooth fairy?? Is Moody going to put his tooth under his pillow??

    That baklawa looks really good. It looks better than my moms atleast :)

    I am not a big fan of baklawa or any libyan sweets, but seriously that baklawa does look yummy.

  6. Hey, Soad, go easy on the compliments! You remind me of the saying about the one who "spent one night in the tanning, and turned into a bagpipe the next morning!"

    بات‮ ‬في‮ ‬الدباغ‮ ‬ليلة،‮ ‬صبح‮ ‬قربة‮!‬

    lol lol

    Seriously, if you're anywhere near the central coast then go to San Francisco. You'll like it. And if you get there, then take the drive to Yosemite or spend a day (at least) at any of the National Parks in the area... and stretch your legs a bit.

    Let me tell you all a little secret. I'm just like you when it comes to this baklawa--I only see it in pictures! Oh, and I do hear stories about it when I get home from work, like "The kids love the baklawa, and they ask for seconds, and..." So, what about me? "No no no, it's for Eeeeeeeed!" Sure it is. I just pacify myself with the crumbs from the edges, you know, the parts you don't see in the pictures. It's all crushed and mixed up, I have to eat it with a spoon, out of a bowl!

    Azzam, Nikki, Soad, everybody...anybody, hurry up and get here, so I can have some good food! lol lol

    Yes, Lebeeya, Shamsa is the tooth fairy. We took the name from the old Libyan custom of throwing baby teeth to the sun. And it is baby teeth (not hydrogen) that make the sun shine, in our home-made myth. Here is the original post on Shamsa.

    Moody's first tooth.

  7. Shamsa reminds me with memories I have in my childhood,
    sweet baklawa and I don't eat Magrood so it's not necessary :D
    Happy Holidays

  8. Sol, hehehe, I'm in San Fran right now, and boy, oh boy, homeless everywhere. we are talking a dope galore here. I swear come 5pm and you rarely see one person walking steady, hehehe. Maybe we should rename the city, the dazed city, al madina al daykha, hehehe

    But Im enjoying it..ho ho ho, here I come San Fran...
    Happy holidyas and eat some for me please, the food here sucks big time.