Thursday, December 07, 2006


I'm done with exams! I'm on break till January! Yippie! And watch out, I'm a certified Green Belt now!

Yesterday morning, Tala told me that she "had a very bad nightmare." She said, that she "uncovered" the toothbrushes, and I was "very unhappy" with her and then I flushed Moody in the toilet! I couldn't help but laugh, and of course, Moody joined me. Tala got upset, "Stop laughing about my nightmare. It is not funny; it was scary!" We don't really flush our kids down the toilet, so don't get any ideas! We just happened to see Flushed Away at the theatre on the weekend. And when I asked her how she "uncovered" the toothbrushes, she said "I lifted the carpet. They were under the carpet."

Moody Hip-Hopping!

Tuesday was parents observation day at Straub Dance for both Moody and Tala. Moody and I "observed" Tala in the morning. Tala was pouting and had a long face most of the time and kept saying, "I'm hungry." Talk about public embarrassment. Before we got to her class she kept complaining that she was tired and "weally weally need to sleep." Later, Sol and Tala "observed" Moody in his after-school class.

After the "observation" I went digging for the recital DVDs of last year. We got them sometime in June, but never watched them. The Friday recital DVD that had Moody's number didn't work, the Saturday DVD worked. Watch the video above (you need flash). Digging for the DVDs, I found the CD for Tala's numbers. The song for her Friday dance is All I Really Need by Raffi Cavoukian who was born in Cairo to Armenian parents. Interesting, isn't it? I like the song, especially the part that goes "All I really need is a song in my heart, food in my belly, love in my family." And sweet loving Tala was hungry! Enjoy the song:

And check out Raffi's Songs for Peace at this link.



  1. that is very cute, the dream is so funny but not to poor Tala :o)
    nice post to read and listen to first thing in the morning at work.

  2. Thanks, Ghazi.

    AL, glad you enjoyed it. Consider it your birthday gift. No word on that in your blog, تبي تاكل علينا الحلاوة؟ It's virtual anyway, won't cost much! Candles on me, how many?