Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Festivities Have Begun!

Moody has been growing his hair for months. He wants it to look like Harry Potter's. He would scream at the mention of a haircut. Finally, yesterday, he conceded and we headed to the hairdresser. I have been telling him lately that his hair looks messy more than anything, and have been showing him pictures of himself with short hair and stressing how handsome he looked in them. The compromise was to leave it long at the top and cut all over. Well, it kind of ended up like that. Most importantly, he went into the hairdresser a Mr. Grumpy, and came out very happy and cheerful--he liked the way he looks now!

Tala didn't have a haircut since she did it herself last February. She too wanted to grow her hair long "just like Mommy." I assured her that we will only get the ends trimmed "so it'll grow longer and stronger." Once the hairdresser asked how we wanted it cut, Tala said, "very short." Just like Mommy! I many times go to the hairdresser for a trim and end up asking to take all the length off. I left Tala at the shampoo station and went to check on Moody. When I got back to her, I was about to open my mouth and ask the two hairdressers what she had been telling them, when they said, "She had been telling us how pretty her Mommy is!" Tala is so innocent and sweet; she could tell what we did that week in few minutes. Scary sometimes! She was chattering away with the hairdresser all the time. She told her how Alexis thinks "I'm just cute, and she is very cute. Actually, I am VERY VERY cute! Daddy said so too."

Eid is coinciding with New Year's Eve. I'm happy for that; it makes the season more festive for us. I decided to make some baklawa and magrood. I made the baklawa yesterday, and will be making magrood today. I used to make them every year during Eids and around this time and give some as gifts to friends. Last year I opted for Shatila's baklawa, not bad, but not as good. I will be taking some to the Rigney's Carol party next week and sharing some with friends.

We had planned to get the "Holiday" tree yesterday. Moody has been saying "Christmas" this or that, and correcting himself "Holiday" this or that. I told him that he doesn't have to be hung up on what word to use. It is Christmas anyway and calling it so is still correct. I looked up the farm and directions during the week, but didn't take note of the directions or the exact name of the farm for that matter. While taking care of the baklawa tray that just came out of the oven, I asked Sol to look it up and get the directions. He couldn't find it and started calling out and asking me questions from the den while I had the microwave oven on and other noises in the kitchen. So you figured, we both got annoyed and Sol "declared" that I should look it up. I did, and I realized that the farm is called Cackler not Crackle as I told him. I still haven't heard the end of it! I told him he could have googled "Christmas tree farm Delaware Ohio;" that's how I got it. Duh!

Finally, we headed out. I noticed that we were heading in the opposite direction of where the farm is, south instead of north. I commented and then kept quiet, or struggled to keep quiet. Eventually, we changed direction and started heading north, but taking Juha's tour (برمة وين وذنك يا جحا). Check the map: The red line is the route we took, the blue is the map directions. Typical what? Guy, Libyan, or both? We got to Delaware, passed it, got on route 42, and kept driving and driving past Ashly and into Morrow County. That's when Sol said, "I don't think it's here. We've come very far." I asked him if the directions said it was on 42, he confirmed.

We turned around. It was about 4:40, the farm closes at 5 and it was their last day of business for the season. Then Sol said it was on a road called Cackler off 42. Sure enough we came to that road and were at the farm at 6 minutes before 5! Since it was almost closing time we picked a tree that was already cut, though what's special about the farm is that you get a saw and a sled, walk around the trees, choose one and cut it yourself. There was this cute donkey at the farm having a blast with a ball. We had the tree netted, trunk trimmed, Sol secured it to the van and we were on our way back.

I kept my eyes on the tree through the sunroof opening all the way home. From being at the middle of the opening, the tree shifted to the very edge. I was so worried that it would fall off. Thankfully, we made it home with the tree and two little hungry buggers that wanted to decorate the tree that same day!



  1. Hey, wait a sec! The blue path you drew is a good way to go for a fish, maybe. I can't drive through Alum Creek, you know! Besides, I wanted to drive up route 23, like the old days, only to rediscover how much it really sucks now.

    About Tala's yapping... She does that to me all the time. Once at the park, Tala told a woman she'd never met before, "That's my dad over there. He's old, he's got gray hair." She also says my cheecks are "shuvvy" which means rough or scratchy in Tala-ese, also a verb. Once, I was waiting for her outside the restroom at a restaurant, a lady came out and said, "Oh, she must've been talking about you!" I said, "Huh, what?" She said, "Your daughter... she said her dad has gray hair and chubby cheecks!" lol lol

  2. I think boys look much better and a lot more handsome with short hair.
    I like the cute donkey :o)
    Kids always come out with the most amazing comments.