Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Libya-in-Video Challenge

Taking up Beacon's challenge and following Chatalaine and A.Adam, I made this video. I don't have many personal pictures of Libya, so I made a slide show with pictures of Libyans from 1924 to 1930. The contents of the slide show are used with permission from The pictures are originally from The National Geographic Magazine. The audio is al-Umm (The Mother) by Refaket 3umer. The first picture in the slide show is of my hometown Derna. Enjoy!



  1. Hannu that was yet again another wonderful video, Beacon has brought out the talent in many of you. did you post it on YouTube? what you are all doing is increasing the Libyan history archive, I hope we all see more, that can only prove that Libyan bloggers (and non Libyan)are doing their bit for Libya.

  2. Woo I really enjoyed listend to the music, you are the best Hannu believe me and yes like AngloLibyan said thanks to Beacon and I'm waiting to see yours AngloLibyan

    File size 8.65 Mb big size for viewing with my connection available to me from LTT so I download it & I'll be upload it on YouTube later :)

  3. Thanks, guys; appreciate your comments!

    I have uploaded the video a while ago in YouTube, but it's still not available.

  4. THANK YOU!! Aren't they beautiful people. You have done a great job Hannu! Please put it on You Tube. So many more people will learn about your history. Libyans are a proud people and it shows in the faces on your video.

  5. Thank you me too I upload it on YouTube

  6. Thanks A.Adam. Hey, delete it from your videos so I'd get the ratings on mine. Not fair :(

  7. nice video Hana, I liked the sond doo much esp. that I miss my Mum a lot.. we need more people particpating in this kind of project, I'll try my best too.. Ghazi

  8. PRIDE, PRIDE, PRIDE and more PRIDE (2 Million tons of the stuff and more, lol)!!
    Thank you, wonderful video, the music reminded me of my mother, whom I have not seen for some time, so you could imagine the emotion that stirred up!!
    The pictures are wonderful, and I am really proud that you guys and gals are doing an fantastic job!
    As I told Adam, we have to continue as You tube is now one of the most popular websites on this “here” planet, its a chance for us to show the beauty of our country where ever we may be.
    Anglo Libyan, where are you? I can see you hiding over there, come out here right now!! Where is your video? Lol.....
    Thanks again, Hannu...god bless you.

  9. Thanks, Chatalaine. You have done a wonderful job too!

    Ghazi & Beacon, wonderful song isn't it. I picked it because it touched two nerves with me. I've been missing my mother a lot lately, and I miss my motherland. Thought it fits both mothers :)

    All the videos should be posted in one place with the challenge. Ly-Hub could work for that. Beacon, it's your project, take care of it!

    Show us what you got Ghazi.

  10. I look at the photos without sound as my son was sleeping I will have to hear the words later. I have some old books that paint quite a different picture of most of the Middle East and North Africa. Sadly they did not think highly of them. Now the world will see how beautiful the Libyans really are.