Saturday, December 23, 2006

Hip Hip...

Yesterday, I received the confirmed job offer that I'd been anticipating and waiting for. Starting September 2007, after my graduation, I will be working for Rolls-Royce. And no, I will not get any discount on Rolls-Royce cars; a jet engine, maybe! They stopped making the cars in 1973 when the motor car business was spun off as a separate entity. Rolls-Royce is a world-leading provider of power systems for civil aerospace, defense aerospace, marine, and energy. I will be with the energy division. I'm elated!


  1. Alf Mabrouk
    well done and I hope InshaAllah all goes well.

  2. Wow congratulations and Good Luck Hannu

  3. Hanu, congrats! go girl go. Libyan ladies rock. you deserve it. Mabrook, and here is a Zaghroota shergawia for you: loolllllllooooolllllllliiiiiiii

    Big hug

  4. Alif Alif Alif Mabrouk, that is a great news, wish the best you deserve it..

  5. I just love you graphic!! :)Congrats on the job!!

  6. I missed a lot lately. So catching up with all the posts in one comment :

    This is really wonderful news. Mabrouk ya Hanu on the new job !

    Also congratulations are due for your 8th wedding anniversary. I remember many of my friends getting married in Tunis and Malta in the 90s. It is nice you got to wear the tisdira, where you able to take it to the US with you ?

    Congratulations on the move to a new space as well.

    and last but not least Kol 3am wa entum bekhair, you and your family.


  7. Thank you ((bow))... Thank you ((bow))... Thank you ((bow))!

    Sue, الزغروتة وصلت تلعلع... تشكرات.

    Chatalaine, I found the image very fitting and expressive. I was in a meeting when I got the news, so I had to step out to take the call. I felt like shouting exactly that way, at the top of my lungs. But being in the place I was, I had to keep it in!

    HL, thanks for stopping by and for the many mabrooks :) Happy New Year and Happy Eid to you and yours!