Sunday, December 24, 2006

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells!

Yesterday, we went to the Rigney's Caroling Party, an almost-4-decade tradition for the Rigneys, and becoming one for us too. Here's Ann in the picture singing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer! Ann is a wonderful lady. Her husband, Dave, is a professor with Sol. She was the first to take me out and about and introduce me to my surroundings when I first came to the US. Though I've been busy lately, we still manage to get together, especially when her grandson, Corey, comes to town.

The carol party was fun, but I think Moody went a little crazy with this boy Mathew that we've been meeting there every year. When we were leaving, they both said to each other, "See you next year!" They didn't want to be quiet during the singing; they thought it was boring! They also didn't want Tala to join their fun. Moody is into the "Boys only club" and what-have-you, and so is Mathew, according to his mom.

A couple of days ago, Moody cracked up this joke--his own!

Moody: Dad, you know what the snowman's sickness should be called?
Sol: What?
Moody: Warm, got it?
Lol lol lol! Did you get it?

Lately he's been saying he wants to be a scientist. Today at lunch, he asked, "Who's Albert Einstein?" Sol told him he was a great scientist. Moody added, "He rode his bike so fast when he was a kid, that he appeared in outer space and he was riding on a shooting star." Got it? lol. Then he asked, "Is Ben Franklin real?" We said yes. He added, "He made an invention that makes lightning come to life. He attached a key to a kite." Well, he's been reading for himself before going to bed. He got all that from the book Disney's Americana.

Merry Christmas!

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