Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Whatever Happened to Global Warming!

How could it be? The plumber just left declaring that the pipes that drain the bathtub are frozen! Water from the sink in the kids' bathroom backs up to the bathtub. That started about 2 days ago. The plunger didn't work, and chemical products didn't work either. We suspected the ice but had our doubts. All we can do now is keep filling up the bathtub with hot water, open a hole in the wall behind the drains and expose them to some space heater or blow drier. Oh, how fun!

That brings to mind the recent news that Exxon is offering scientists $10,000 to refute the recent UN study that blames humans for the global warming. I'd say they have a pretty good chance with our pipes iced up! To be fair to Exxon, it's not them offering the reward; it's their think tank group, The American Enterprise Institute. $10,000! How nice of them. Exxon has reaped $371 billion in revenues in 2006--that's more than $1 billion a day. Aren't they generous? And why are they offering the reward? Of course, to ease the minds and consciences of us humans, to free us from the guilt that we "might" be the cause of global warming.



  1. Yeah, those were our first suspects: Little toys and objects. But apparently not. Actually the pipes, according to the plumber run to the outside wall and that's where the ice is. He used a "snake" and the metal tip came out cold every time he hit at the blockage. I've learnt a lot about plumbing today! lol

  2. If the plummer is right and the pipe is frozen.. DO NOT put water in the tub hoping the warm water will help warm up the pipe. If the drain is frozen then it might very well have cracked. If it has cracked, when the pipe defrosts the water in the tube will drain right out that crack and into your wall. You will then have a problem that scares me to death. Oh the repairs!!

  3. Chatalaine, you are really scaring me now! If that happens, I'll blame you for bringing it up :)

  4. Regarding EXXON- in 2006 they generated more profit than any company ever in one year at $39 BILLION!