Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Introducing Aiman

Aiman Abdul Naser Swisey. He's Sol's nephew, of his sister Amna. Aiman turned 12 last November. Recently, I have been communicating with his sister, Heba, via email and Yahoo! messenger. I didn't have any contact with them before, not even by phone since they didn't have one. And the only time I met them was at our wedding in Djerba, 1998. Aiman is a very special boy, it was obvious then when he was only 4. Sol has a special place in his heart for Amna and her kids, especially Aiman and Heba.

Heba told me about Aiman's talent and how good he is with his hands and digital art. This post is to showcase some of his work. Sol has never seen these images before--I hope you are pleasnently and proudly surprised!

This is my favorite. I laughed so much when I saw it. Heba told that they found him laughing so hard when he was drawing it.

Aiman is a fan of Abdelhalim Hafed. Remember him? Very interesting!

Aiman takes his playdough wherever he goes. He was visiting the Aviation Exhibition last December, in Tripoli, when he made this Spiderman and placed it on the airplane miniature.

And of course, Superheroes!



  1. wow MashaAllah, a 12 year old can do that! he really is talented, I wish him a good future with his art.

  2. They are all nice but the one of the Arabic man listening to the walkman and dancing is wonderful. Aimen has a good eye for detail!

  3. عزيزي‮ ‬أيمن‮: ‬لقد‮ ‬أسعدتنا‮ ‬بحضورك‮ ‬يا‮ ‬رجل،‮ ‬وأتحفتنا‮
    ‬بأعمالك‮ ‬الجميلة‮ ‬أيها‮ ‬التاورغي‮ ‬الموهوب،‮ ‬وعلى‮ ‬كل‮ ‬ذلك‮
    ‬وأكثر‮ ‬نشكرك‮ ‬ولا‮ ‬ننسى‮ ‬أن‮ ‬نشكر‮ ‬الهبهوب‮! ‬

    رسمتي‮ ‬المفضلة‮--‬بلا‮ ‬شك‮--‬هي‮ ‬تلك‮ ‬الشاطحة‮ ‬الملتحفة،‮ ‬فما‮
    ‬أن‮ ‬رأيتها‮ ‬حتى‮ ‬سمعت‮ ‬أصوات‮ ‬الزمزامات‮ ‬يتصايحن‮: "‬ها‮! ‬ها‮!
    ‬ها‮!... ‬هيوه،‮ ‬هيوه‮!" ‬وهو‮ ‬ماجعلني‮ ‬أستذكر‮ ‬قول‮ ‬الشاعر‮:
    "‬نشبح‮ ‬طفلة‮ ‬بشناشنها‮ ‬دبالج‮ ‬ومحابيب‮... ‬كبدي‮ ‬مرضت‮
    ‬بمحاينها،‮ ‬تلقوليش‮ ‬طبيب؟‮"‬

    من‮ ‬المؤكد‮ ‬أن‮ ‬هذه‮ ‬اللوحة‮ ‬الأصيلة‮ ‬ستجد‮ ‬طريقها‮ ‬إلى‮
    ‬الكثير‮ ‬من‮ ‬الشاشات‮ ‬وستحمل‮ ‬معها‮ (‬صرر‮ ‬وعلايق‮) ‬من‮ ‬البهجة‮
    ‬والسرور‮ ‬لكل‮ ‬من‮ ‬يلقي‮ ‬عليها‮ ‬نظرة‮ ‬ولو‮ ‬عابرة‮. ‬شكرا‮ ‬يا‮
    ‬عزيزي‮ ‬على‮ ‬هذه‮ ‬الهدية‮ ‬الرائعة‮ ‬التي‮ ‬أحاطتنا‮ ‬بدفء‮ ‬نحن‮
    ‬في‮ ‬أشد‮ ‬الحاجة‮ ‬إليه‮.‬

  4. Masha'Allah, very talnted, wish him a great future inshallah.

  5. Thanks for the great pictures, Mashala 3laik ya Aiman, may Allah bless and protect you.