Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Blessings... uh... Nots of Literacy!

This is Moody's first note from us. Sol left it last night on Moody's place mat with a banana. Sure enough he read it this morning and did what the note said! What a blessing--more ways to communicate. However, literacy for kids comes with dangers as well! Moody now reads everything. We really have to watch it! Yesterday, he was looking over my shoulder while I was reading my emails, and read the whole email message out loud. This morning he asked me "Are you looking for a nanny?" He got that from reading the text in Google search bar that I had typed last night, "nannies columbus ohio."

Here's an example of how dangerous literacy could be and what kids can do with it! They have more power... to express themselves! Moody made this sign to post on his room door. Moody's current project is writing and drawing comics. He plans to do many and many pages and then sell them at school. Good thinking, I'd say. Bring on the money!

Yesterday, I was offered to start my new job at Rolls-Royce between now and March 1st, instead of waiting till after graduation. The offer is even better than the initial one. It is a pain to have to make the decision. Do I start now? It will be even harder and more hellish for the family to start a new job while going to school! What to do with Moody and Tala? The school/daycare that we found appropriate for their before-and-after-school care doesn't provide transportation to and from Whittier, nor does the school district. So, the search is on for a nanny? Got one?

It's a butt-freezing day again with a temperature of -6°F (-21°C) and no schools for the second day. I had class last evening that ended at 8PM. I had to run to the parking lot because breathing that cold air was very painful. When I got home, 3 of my fingers were numb and very white, although I had the heater and my thermal gloves on in the car all through the 20-minute ride. Oh, that brings me to the polar animals concern. Moody has been learning that polar animals are in danger because of the human-inflicted global warming and hunting them for their skin, fur, etc. He strongly advises that "Santa should give those naughty humans coal in their stockings!" He will be a polar-animals protector when he grows up and shoot those naughty humans. Hmmm, global warming?


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