Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Here is Heba!

Heba Swisey, Sol's sweet niece! She surprised me today with her blog. I was planning on introducing her later this week, but she beat me with her blog! I'm so happy she did.

She is an artist too--a very talented one!

Below is Heba's painting of her late aunt Rabeia Dregia, Sol's little sister. Rabeia was born in March, 1963 and died in December, 1984 of complications after a fire accident she was in. This is the only picture I have seen of Rabeia. Sol's mom talked about her a lot when she visited us in 2000, all the time with tears rolling down her eyes. It is very sad, but c'est la vie. People come and go, but their loving memories forever stay. Thank you Heba for sharing this painting. It is very special!



  1. Very good job, Heba.

    I think Rabeia's loss is the worst pain my family ever had to deal with. Life was never the same after her. For me, and because I was not able to go to her funeral, the pain never really went away, it just got buried with other crap. I learned from the experience that funerals are for the living to let go, not for the ones who pass away. Yes, it is still there, but so are some sweet memories of one of my first friends.

    I am not much for spirituality... but If you ever get the chance, I hope you dance, my dear.

  2. Thank you so much My lovely Hanu, i had really surrprised when i found that sweet words which you wrote about me. So, here i am!

    Dear Uncle, i know that Rabeia Daied when i was in 4,and i cant remmber her so well, but she lives inside me, actully i know her from the family's memories and some pictures, but the pain never really went away for me too.

    And i felt so proud that day when my father said that i reminded him bye her, Hanti said that too.

  3. hi heba i liked ur painting very much it's very beautfull