Saturday, February 10, 2007

I'm Happy! I'm Excited!

We have found a nanny--a global nanny! She's originally from Poland, has been here in the US for a long time, just came back from a two-year stay in China accompanying her husband in his assignment. The couple remind us of our friends Magda and Tawfik--maybe that's why we like her. She has a son who goes to Carnegie Mellon, and a daughter married and lives in the UK. The best part is that I found from her reference that she had a dog that she used to bring to their house when caring for their children. I asked the nanny if she still has the dog, and she said she does and asked if it would be OK to bring him to play with the kids. Of course! It will be like having a pet without the mess of having a pet. A pet made in heaven! BTW, this image is of Hilary Duff (Disney's Lizzie McGuire) and her dog. Coincidentally, her first performance was in the Nutcracker with our own The Columbus Ballet Met. The nanny looks a lot like the image, but older.

It's final: I'm starting my job on March 5. The nanny will start on February 26 so she gets acquainted with us and everything else while I'm still here. I told Tala the other day, "Tala, Mommy got a job!" She replied "I want a peach now." Then I told Moody the same. He asked, "What's the name of the company?" When I said Rolls-Royce, he commented, "It doesn't sound interesting." When I told Sol later that "We're going out for dinner. We're celebrating!" He said, "How many celebrations will we have?" But still, I was excited, remained excited, and still am, and I love them three indifferent bozos... lol

I went shopping today for clothes to wear to work. Not because I needed clothes for work, but because I'm two sizes bigger than I was few months ago and nothing I have fits me, except for a couple of jeans! I also got two booster seats for the kids. It was a pain moving car seats from my car to the nanny's on a daily basis when Barbi was here. Sol just took off to get the kit for the front door. The lock got broken a month ago or so and it can't be opened from outside the house. The only way to access the house is by using the garage-door opener. Sol was reluctant to go buy it complaining that he's not going to change it in this cold. I told him that he doesn't need to do it today, but it will still be cold when he does.

In July, 2003, I had an abdominal surgery where part of my intestines was taken out for being partially obstructed and having an abnormally thick wall with no apparent medical explanation. That was done after months of almost daily visits to the emergency room; multiple stays at the hospital; and many endoscopies, CT scans and every other test available. I've been having some minor GI issues for some time that didn't resolve with medications. So the doctor decided to go for the tests. I had an abdominal CT scan on Thursday where I had to drink loads of that contrast nasty stuff. I have an endoscopy on Monday and would be drinking other stuff tomorrow and eating nothing for the whole day till the test. I have a class on Monday and I'm not sure if I'd be able to make it. I secured myself a ride back home if Sol drives me to class since I won't be able to drive myself. Despite all that, I'm still happy!


  1. Great News Hannu, hope the best luck for your work. Salamat on your GI upset, hope to be resolved soon... Ghazi

  2. Hanu,
    Congrats for securing a nanny. I read recently that it is becoming very hard to find an experienced nanny these days and the pay has risen as well; the minimum for an experienced nanny in London nowadays is from £ 27.000 per year and up!! Hey, don’t let your nanny read this, hehehe.

    Wish you the best of luck with your scan tomorrow; I know the feeling and the yucky things you have to drink; I had to do that many times :(

    Sol, Ahhh, قرة العنز !! Memories! Though, I have to admit I’ve never heard of the other Girra, قرة الحسوم ! Anymore info you can add?


  3. Congratulations on the new job. Hope all goes well with the scan.

  4. Hi Hanu:
    congrats for Rolls-Roys it's big chance for u to work in company is number 2 in the aerospace industrial .i'm very proud of you,in England working in Rolls-Royas giving u a lot of chances every where.
    slamat inshalih

  5. congratulations and best of luck.
    my daughter loves Lizzie McGuire but this image looks different!

  6. Thanks, Ghazi. I should consult with you to make sure my doctor is not cheating me :)

    Soad, it's very hard to find a mature reliable nanny, and yes they cost a lot!

    Thanks KT, BH, and AL. BH, just watch it, soon we'll be #1 and GE will eat our dust :)

    AL, I believe Hilary is the first Lizzie McGuire. She was in the movie and TV series. She's older now.

  7. yes the Lizzie McGuire we have here on the Disney Channel is Hilary Duff but I think we still get oldr episodes than the USA, the same is with Thats so Raven, only now do we get the older much fatter Corey after getting used to him being small chubby and cute :o)