Sunday, October 15, 2006

Unfoldings and Wrapping-Ups

Barbi decided to leave us this week. So here's another mess that we need to deal with. There are many advantages to having a nanny. But, with a nanny, you are under her mercy, her mood, her immaturity, her uncertainty, and you are directly affected by the happenings in her life, day in and day out. So here again, we're drifting. Putting the kids in a day care is our last resort and I wouldn't do it unless I absolutely have to. Simply put, day cares are children warehouses.

On the bright side of things, Barbi's leaving forced me to spend more time with Moody and Tala. Time I wouldn't spend with them if she were here, because of other pressing matters I need to tend to. I'm enjoying this time and so are they.

Moody is doing great at school and he loves it. He's been staying at the Sun every day, except last Thursday where he moved to Cloud. He told me that he was at the Cloud when I picked him up from school that day. Later he said he was afraid of telling me because he thought I would be angry. I explained that it does not make me happy that he moved to Cloud, but it makes me happy that he's honest with me.

Yesterday was the last day of ice skating for the season. Tala is finally moving around on the ice all by herself. She's staying in Stinger I next session, and Moody is moving up to Basic II and excited about it. Later, the three of us took a long walk in the neighborhood trail. Tala took her babies in their stroller, and she and Moody took turns pushing the stroller. On the way back, we met Max and Hailey, the new kids two houses down from ours. The kids were all happy to find playmates to play with in the courtyard.

Yesterday was also the last day of T-Ball. It's the first time I go to a game; I've only been to some of the practices. I was amazed at how much the kids--all the team--picked up on things and how well they did. Never have thought they'd come this far the way the practice sessions were going. They got the trophies and all. The trophy is a wooden baseball bat. Hmm, is that the best trophy they could get, I wondered so did many parents when the kids started swinging them in all directions. Next season, Moody is going to Coach-Pitch and Tala is staying in T-Ball.

It's Eid soon, and I'm in no mood for that, just like I'm in mood for Ramadan still. Moody's take on Ramadan is "It's not fair to fast. You shouldn't fast. You would starve." His take on god is a bit more serious though. He's been at it for some time now repeating same questions and stating same facts. Yesterday, he went at it again saying, "How do you know god if you can't see him? Why did people name him god?" It all started last year when he and Luke would debate about the existence of god on the bus from school and on the way from the bus stop to our home. An entertaining, insightful debate. I'll leave that for another time.


  1. this reminds me of my children's work at school ( they are 8 & 5).
    I really like the footaball picture, I wish my children could have something so nice like this, MashAllah, I am going to show it to my kids.

  2. Since you're slightly ahead of us in the parenting game, tell me, does it get any better?

    We enjoyed T-Ball more than soccer. Sol was an assistant coach for the team and that made it more enjoyable. Moody never took to soccer, but we still want to give Tala the chance. The problem is kids sports could be overwhelming and very tiring for the parents, especially if each kid is in a different team with games at the same time at a different location. You'd be running them around from one place to the other and the whole thing becomes a source of stress. Anyway, Spring is five months away!

  3. oh yes it gets better all the time.
    I haven't had the pleasure of sports running with my kids yet, life in the UK is different I guess.
    good luck with your children ربي يعطيك الصحة :o)