Sunday, October 15, 2006

Moody's Art

Going back to priorities, it was set to be the blog for today.

This post is to document one of the many aspects of Moody's talent.

We've been using a reward system with Moody and Tala for a long time. Problem is, we have to be continuously innovative and creative to keep it up. With time, they eventually lose interest and don't care about the prizes anymore. Last week, we asked them to each list the things they want for rewards. We suggested that they draw them, so they'd get more involved. Below is Moody's drawing. Click on the picture to read the explanation for each symbol in flickr.

This one below is how you should write alligator when you run out of space. The letters should flow counterclockwise.


  1. good idea, asking what they want for prizes. My favorite was the dog, and ball! We've had several dogs, my favorite, golden retrievers! a bit hairy, but oh so loving and good with children. Just thought I'd help him out there.

  2. Aw that is really cute. get the talent out of them huh!

    You guys will have creative kids inshallah.

  3. Hello, Lebeeya. Nice to see you here; we've met before in cyberspace, eh?

    Sandi, not sure if anything would help with the dog. I wouldn't have a dog in the house; dogs are so sloppy and drooly! Yuk! A cat, I wouldn't mind. Actually I like cats and had some. Bur Sol is totally against cats. Moody would say, "We're totally not having a cat in the house." The latest hip expression for Moody.