Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Drifting with the Flow

It's been a while!

Recent lack of postings on this blog cannot be attributed to lack of events. It's been pouring events like "cats and dogs." The same way it's been pouring rain. It hasn't been a good Fall weather--too bad! Our favorite season is almost gone, and we didn't get to enjoy it.

We're kind of just going with the drift. I don't have the energy nor the time to even think of where things are going. It's good enough to make it through the day, go to bed, and get up to start another day. The uncertainties--I hate them!

Magda visited 2 weeks ago. Too bad I was stuck in school for three days and didn't get to spend much time with her. Moody and Tala were excited to see her. "She's like a fairy godmother," said Tala.

If you're concerned with the low real estate prices, go get a St. Joseph statue and bury it upside down. He's hot these days, St. Joseph! I heard it in the news today that doing so will improve the real estate market for sellers, not that I care right now. Poor St. Joseph!

A happy 77th birthday to Dad.


  1. Hana, glad you are back blogging, happy birthday to your dad.. don't go too far..

  2. Greetings, Ghazi, lebeeya and all!

    Speaking of flows... The other day, we had some nasty weather. An intense front swept through the area, spawning a tornado that touched down not too far away. The sirens went off, and the whole thing happened right around sunset. Oddly, the coincidence of sirens with sunset reminded me of the Iftar cannon in Libya, which announced the end of fasting each day in Ramadan. When I lived in Tripoli, the cannon was set off at the old castle (Saraya), and we lived close enough to the area that we could hear it live and compare the sound and timing to the pre-recorded version on the radio. I thought to myself, "Iftar siren... interesting!" I sent the kids down to the basement until the front passed, then they came back up for dinner. Of course, the occasion presented a good opportunity for Ahmed to get philosophical. "Mother Nature controls the weather," he announced," why is she going around destroying people's houses?" I told him, no one ever accused Mother Nature of being just because she is not a human invention... had to stop there in fear of Hanu's admonishments about not biasing Moody, which means I, a scientist, cannot promote the scientific view of the world. For example, I once told him that I would love to travel in space and would be delighted if he ever got to do that. Oh, that did not go over too well with Hana... lol lol lol She is just scared of space, I tell her! Next time it rains while the sun is shining, I'll just tell Moody "the mother wolf is circumcizing her children." Mythology can be quite entertaining, especially when taken literally!

    Of course, Moody picks up on the difference of opinion right away. So he always mentions being an astronaut as a future career choice, among others. Now he's taken to giving me sequences of his professional development. The latest is: Firefighter, scientist, astronaut, then president! Sounds great to me, as long as he means president of a secular state.