Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Interesting Moments

Living with a six-year-old certainly has its moments, lots of them! Sometimes I think we should just hang an audio recorder on Moody's neck all day. The other day, he asked me out of the blue, "Dad: are there any blonds who speak Arabic?" Yes, I said... and wanted to add, there are all kinds of idiots who speak Arabic. lol lol lol He is curious, unabashed in his expression, and he has a certain degree of intellectual independence, a kind of stubbornness, if you wish, but it's one that seeks and demands intelligibility not just hard headedness. Maybe I'm just "kvelling," but I thought of logging some of his interesting moments.

To Nick-nick-bobick

Canada Goose, Maryland, Jan. 27
Originally uploaded by ozoni11.
I found a great capture of a Canada goose for this story, taken by Michael Oberman, who has a fantastic photo collection. It don't get better than that! But, the reality is, Canada geese are sort of like "born" queens: They look great in pictures but you wouldn't wanna live with one! [I got that born queen line from the guy who says, "Bee as in Balestine." lol lol] These birds are all over this part of North America, I mean all over! They love water and open grass fields for food and nesting, which means every park in this area is taken over by these things. What's the problem, you ask? A healthy adult goose produces up to four pounds of shit every day, that's the problem! You can't run on the grass or even walk on some sidewalks without being on the lookout. I never had to adjust to this problem at a young age, not that we had open grass fields and abundant water everywhere lol lol... Well, I guess we had donkey shit when I was young in Misrata, we called it Jalla. But nothing of this magnitude. These geese fly so high that they get sucked up by jet engines, causing some crashes. I heard that engine manufacturers test them by tossing frozen chicken at them to simulate an encounter. They probably couldn't just round up some geese from the park and use them, frozen or whatever, because they're protected wildlife. Poor chicken! We need to start the Tastes Like Goose movement. Actually, the other day we noticed that the authorities seem to be trying out a "humane" solution. They brought in some black swans which scare the you know what out of the geese. The swans don't have any beards or anything, but the whole affair seems like a program of fowl terrorism. Who knows, it might work.

After a few years of "Oh, what a cute goosey loosey...," Moody started to wonder,"Why is there so much poop in the park?" Well, it's those Canada geese, I tell him. To him, Canada means the place where Nick lives, our friends terrific son. So, Moody's solution to the goosepoop problem is to chase them all over the park yelling,"Go back to Canada, you pooping goose! Go poop on Nick's roof!" Tala of course echoing every word! lol lol, sorry Nick! Today, Hanu was also thinking about the goose issue, and she did search on "Canada goose poop" then walked away from the computer. Moody walked by the Google search page, took a look and said, "Don't use the computer, it has the word poop all over."

Deep Thoughts

Hana already told you about most of these, but I wanted to say more about Moody and Luke's deep discussions on the way home from the bus stop. Those are great examples of his "particular stubbornness." Here is one that I heard about from the nanny:

L: "God made us and the trees."

A: "No, my mom and dad made me." "Where is God?"

L: "You can't see him."

A, borrowing from Nietzsche: "God is dead."

His latest, "How can you name him if you can't see him" proves he's definitely an experimentalist!

Deep Space

Tonight at dinner, he was in his space mood again...

A: "By the way, do you know why they call Mars the red planet?"

Why, I said.

A: "Because of Martian blood all over it."

Then he added, to my great pleasure, "I'm going to be the first one to set foot on Mars." And, borrowing from Armstrong this time, "I will say, it's a great step for Moody and everyone else." lol lol lol


  1. hmmm... I'm blond... I speak Arabic.


  2. Oops! Just a figure of speech, KT. Certainly, blonds have no monopoly on stupidity. I think the International Hall of Fame for stupidity is actually in Egypt, it's called the Arab League. No blonds in that building. lol lol lol