Tuesday, November 04, 2008


September 1, Ramadan started.

October 1, we celebrated Eid.

September 24, we found out that I needed surgery on my stomach.

October 5, we put together fall decoration.

October 6, my surgery was scheduled for Wednesday, October 15.

October 8, Mom and Dad had their visa interview at the US embassy in Cairo. Their plan was to come before my surgery.

October 11, Mom and Dad received their passports with the US visa, in Cairo.

October 12, Mom and Dad arrived in Columbus, Ohio, That was their first visit to the US and the first time they meet Moody ad Tala.

October 15, I had my surgery.

October 25, I went home from the hospital. Due to my health issues, I decided to send Anas and Jana back to Lebanon. All the family is supportive of that. It's ironic--I was robbed of the kids, when they were young, after divorce. Now that I finally have them after 10 years of trying, I'm robbed of them again. As if it's never meant to be.


  1. salamtek inshaAllah, I hope the surgery went well.
    Good you have your parents there for support and All your children are pretty and handsome, good to see them all together, I hope it happens again for you :o)

  2. Your family looks lovely - a wonderful reunion!

    I wish you the best of health.

  3. Thanks, Nasir and Khadija.

    As my friend Soad said "things happen for a reason." I'm home on a sick leave, which allows me to enjoy my parents' visit and spend more time with them. I wouldn't be able to sped so much time with them if I were to work. I am in no rush to go back to work. I have not seen my parents for 10 years, since I came to the US.

  4. There you are! We are so happy that you're doing well. Enjoy your time away from work and take it easy. ttyl

  5. We were worried about you. Glad to hear you are on the mend. Take it easy and hopefully we'll see you soon (how long have we been saying that now?) - hugs to all.