Friday, November 14, 2008

Can't Sleep!

Juju and Tala have become very close and developed a special tie. They shared the same room for those four months. Jana would help Tala with her shower, pick her clothes, tidy her toys and closet, with her homework; and Tala always remembered Juju when she got a treat from dance or other places. Tala drew many pictures of her and Juju and decorated them with hearts, o's and x's. She wrote many care/love notes to Juju. We knew they will miss each other more than the rest of us.

Last night, Moody and Tala washed up and came downstairs wearing Anas and Juju's pj's. It was so cute and touching.

A long time after they've gone to bed, Tala came downstairs pouty. She started crying "I can't sleep without Jana in the room. I miss her. I need to sleep with someone." She asked to sleep with Moody in his room and we agreed. She went to bed hugging the purple puppy that Juju left behind. ~~sigh~~

9:36 am: I just received message that the kids arrived in Beirut and talked to them on the phone.


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