Thursday, November 06, 2008

I Made History!

November 4, 2008 was the second time I cast my vote. The first vote I casted was to Hillary Clinton in the Primaries. I was disappointed that she didn't make the party's nomination. For a long while, I was not sure that I would vote in the elections. I was not sure about Obama, and still so. There's something odd and fake about him. And definitely, I would never vote for a republican.

However, things evolved in the last couple of months that shaped my voting decision.

First, McCain's selection for a running mate. "Hell, no!" Was my reaction. Palin can't be the first woman elected to the White House. She is way under qualified and does not deserve that privilege. If Clinton can't be the first woman elected to the White House, then it ought to be someone of a higher caliber than her. If my vote could make a difference, I wanted it to block Palin from getting into the White House.

Second, Obama's pick of Joe Biden as a running mate was a good one. Biden compliments Obama in areas where he's inexperienced, novice, or lacking. I just hope that Biden gets to play an important role in the new administration. Obama's decision might indicate that he would surround himself with seasoned experts, and he won't be running the country single-handedly--that's what makes a successful president!

My wait in the voting line was exactly 45 minutes--not bad at all. Baba went with Sol and he got to stand with him at the voting machine and co-vote (kind of). He even got one of those I-Voted stickers. We (me, Sol, Mama, Baba) stayed up past midnight watching the results. Moody kept sneaking downstairs asking "Did Obama win?"

I liked McCain's speech. That was the only thing he did well since the start of his campaign. I think his speech was even better than Obama's. Obama's was kind of toned down given the significance of the event. Not that the speech was bad. But that is a historic event; Obama's speech should have been more enthusiastic, unforgettable, and remarkable than that.

Bush should be thrown out of the white house immediately. I am very hopeful for the changes coming up. Change is always good, no matter what direction it takes.



  1. Comments like: "Alaskan pipeline is God's will.." and "..the Iraq war was God's plan" makes Sarah Palin a whack job, in my book.

    I liked the "in-your-face" demonstration/celebration in Washington DC that erupted as soon as John McCain conceded.

    2 wars, slowing economy, huge deficit and a collapsed stock market should keep Obama very busy...

    p.s. Nikki fell asleep half way through Obama's speech!

  2. It was 12:30 at night, past my bedtime! Sheeesh. I knew he would win, and he did .. besides I get to hear him for the next 4 yrs LOL

    I'm just so very happy Palin didn't get any closer than she did. Whew!