Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A Complete Family

First photo of me and 4 kids together
June 30th: Anas ad Jana arrived in Columbus, Ohio. Their first trip to the US. The automatically became US citizen once they set foot on US soil. The first two months, the whole family went on the scariest roller-coaster ride ever. It took a lot of adjustment from everybody to make it through the storm. The biggest hurdle was getting Anas and Jana used to and accepting of rules, consequences of their actions, and authority of their guardians. We are trying to connect with them at an age where they want to cut loose and gain their independence starting their journey to adulthood. It is not easy!

Their return was open to a certain extent. The Lebanese arm of their family left the decision on the kids' hands. I took it away from them--it's way too big of a decision to leave to a 13- ad 12-year-olds. I decided it is best for them to stay in the US despite objections from the Lebanese faction. The kids are very happy here; they started school and adjusted very well to "the rules" and all. Anas's first school period report card had an A+, C+ (in ESL) and the rest all A's. Jana's had all A's and a B+.

Naturally, they miss their Lebanese home and their family there. But at the same time, they are very happy here. It is a dilemma! They can't have it all and there is a price to pay either way. They still say they want to go back every now and then but accepted my decision.

Tala, sweet Lalla, was the icebreaker all this time. She got along very well with everyone. Her irresistible sweetness just poured over everyone. She had her moments here and there where she "wish Jana goes back to Lebanon; wish Jana is not in my room," etc. But, overall, she is the sweetest that could be.

Sol still surprises me even after almost 10 years of marriage. His patience, support, and understanding is unparalleled, out of this world. We really worked as one and it made a whole lot of difference. Sol, you are the world to me... Love you!

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