Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Yesterday was Eid... Happy Eid to all! We're going for steak tonight at Lone Star. I have to wrap the kids' gifts. Maybe I'll convince Tala to take a nap when Moody is in school so I can do the gifts.

School is in full swing once again. I'm taking three classes this quarter plus a "self-assessment" workshop and signed up for some of the speaker-lecture series.

On Friday, Moody, Tala and I went to COSI. We watched some live liquid nitrogen experiments and "touched the clouds." The space exhibit with the tunnel is the hit for us. We had such a good time and stayed till closing. It was hard dragging them out of there... me too! That day, I was told in different places by different people that I look pretty and have beautiful hair... Gave me a boost! My hair has grown back; I like it this way, and maybe a little longer. I'm not cutting it short again.

Ohio Theatre
A state of the art!
Sunday night, Sol and I went to see David Sanborn and Chris Botti at the Ohio Theatre. I was going there mainly for Sanborn, didn't know and didn't care much about Botti. How I was wrong! Botti was great; I liked him more than Sanborn. I regret not having the camera with me; he was mingling and giving autographs after the show.

Master Circle put Moody on probation at martial arts and we think he shouldn't go this week. This boy is a very complicated puzzle; when I think I figured him out, he proves me wrong! I have to talk to Master Circle. Moody is starting the hockey rookie camp this Saturday; hope that goes well. The parent-child class for Tala was full--too bad.

Tea Party!
Tala got one of her dance costumes for the show--purple and cute! We sometimes forget she's only 3 and expect more from her. She doesn't look 3 and definitely doesn't sound so, more close to 5--talk about deceiving looks and verbal skills! Even Barbi told me yesterday that she has to remind herself time and again that Tala is 3!

Gus is... what do you call a fish? Darling? The jrabee3 are so good to him--what a relief! The funny thing is he freaks out when Furby is placed near the bowl. We didn't know what was happening in the beginning, but after a while we figuered it was Furby! lol Do fish see? Does he think Furby is a cat or a furry animal/monster?

Monday is Martin Luther King Day. We were considering a ski trip on the weekend, but have so many chores to finish. Tala's closet pieces are all assembled but not stacked in her closet yet. The desk for the basement is still in its box; we thought it better that I take the kids to a movie or something so Sol could finish it quicker.


  1. I just love your blog! You are such a lovely family. I am a Cuban American married to a Lybian. We have a 10 year old son. I feel we have so much in common. Keep the posts coming and Happy Eid!

  2. Hi Maria.

    It thrills us that you find our blog interesting. Starting the blog took a lot of thought and consideration, especially from Sol being the privacy-cherisher he is, but we're glad that we started it.

    I know for a fact that a lot identify with our family and our happenings, and I'm glad our blog is giving this window on the life of a Libyan-American family. Please come back again.

    Happy Eid to you and your family!

  3. From Janice: Moody looks like his father. Tala looks like her mother. Both children are beautiful. You are blessed!