Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy Birthday, Little Safia!

Safia Ayman Naas; Gotta love the laugh!

Safoo is 1!

Safoo, my niece, was born January 2, 2004, in Benghazi. She carries two names that are dear to my heart, and I'm sure she's as sweet and special as Amal and Ayman are--and some!

Happy Birthday!

Hope to see you in Ohio soon.

كل سنة وانت طيبة يا صلوعة... البنت طالعة لبوها!

She is wearing the birthday outfit that I sent her when she was born!

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  1. Holy Zarafa! It hasn't even sunk in to me that Ayman is a father, and then this little beauty shows up. I looked at all the photos, and she looks really special. One thousand happy birthdays, you bald angel.

    If we had known, we would've sent a wig with the outfit. lol lol Just have to keep the hood on, I guess. But that won't solve your problem, Ayman, let me tell you!